“Filmmaking is a privilege, one that I do not take for granted. I am thankful that I get to pursue my creative dream and it is my mission to work with writers, directors, and producers to develop and produce high-quality films that make us laugh, cry and think.”
— Seth Hall, Creative Producer

Hall Pictures LLC is a Greensboro, North Carolina based motion picture company specializing in the development and production of shorts, features, and series. Our mission is to partner with up-and-coming writers and directors and provide them with the clearest path forward to tell their stories and reach an audience.

Seth Hall is an independent Creative Producer with over 20 years experience in the creative arts and through the disciplines of music, video, film, and web he brings a unique skillset to filmmaking. He first embarked on his creative journey as a teenager and through years of dedication and persistence emerged a renaissance man. As a multi-instrumentalist, Seth spent 11 years writing, recording and performing original music with a wide variety of artists. Through these experiences, he learned the art of self-expression and how to collaborate with different personalities. As a videographer, Seth spent 10 years learning all aspects of production, which he then applied to several feature-length and short films. Seth then transitioned to web design and development where for 7 years has learned the value of design and marketing and how to apply these to a specific audience.

Seth has eclectic tastes in cinema and while he enjoys both independent and studio films he has grown wearisome of the mega-budget tentpoles that dominate the market. He believes that great stories can come from all walks of life and that underserved audiences demand and deserve fresh points of view from original storytellers. Seth’s mission is to give voice to up-and-coming talent and produce original, high-quality films that bring diverse stories to a worldwide audience. With a firm grasp on both the art and commerce of the film business, Seth builds and nurtures loyal relationships and has become a venturous Creative Producer.

Seth received his MFA in Creative Producing from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. During the two year program, he produced two short films, Circles, and Tropical Gardens, served as an episodic producer on a web series and developed a slate of 5 projects including two feature-length screenplays. He is the founder and owner of Hall Pictures LLC.