Welcome to Hall Pictures!

Welcome to Hall Pictures! We are a Greensboro, North Carolina based motion picture company specializing in the development and production of shorts, features, and series. Our mission is to partner with up-and-coming writers and directors and provide them with the clearest path forward to tell their stories and reach an audience. We are currently wrapping post on two short festival films and will post them here as soon as we can. Both were written and directed by Morten Savage and we are currently developing a third in preparation for his first feature. We currently have 5 projects on our development slate and are continually working to get them ready for pitching and production. Stay tuned for more.


Our branding was an important first step in establishing the company. We wanted a classic logo that had a mix of modern and retro and we think designer Michael Van Patter nailed it perfectly. A big thanks to Michael for his collaboration. Be sure to check out his other work here.

Thanks for visiting. See you soon.